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Full company name: Closed Joint-Stock Company "Novy Registrator"
Short company name: "Novy Registrator", CJSC
Location: 30 Buzheninova St., 107023, Moscow
Telephones: (495) 964-2251; (495) 964-2252; (495) 964-2255; (495) 964-2256
License No.10-000-1-00339
Issued: 30.03.2006
Validity of license: perpetual
Issuing authority: Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) of Russia.

Full company name: Limited Liability Company "MARKET-AUDIT"
Short company name: "MARKET-AUDIT", LLC
Location: 6 Polevaya St., Zvenigorod, 143180, Moscow Region
Telephone: 598-21-80
Audit license No.Е 003589
Issued: 04.03.2003
Validity of license: through 04.03.2013
Issuing authority: Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Information to be disclosed
Hotel Mozhaysky, OJSC, is to make its documentation accessible for the shareholders pursuant to Article 91 of Federal Law On Joint-Stock Companies of 26.12.1995 No.208-FZ. Accounting documentation and the minutes of the collegial executive body's meetings are only accessible for the Company's shareholder(s) holding in the aggregate at least 25 percent of its voting shares. The documents should be made available by the Company not later than 7 days from receiving a respective request for examination of the documents at the Company executive body's office. The Company must on the request of those entitled to access the said documents provide them with the copies of such documents. The fee charged by the Company for providing these copies should not exceed the costs required for making such copies.
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