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  • Federal Law of 26.12.1995 No.208-FZ On Joint-Stock Companies
  • Federal Law of 22.04.1996 No.39-FZ On The Securities Market
  • Federal Law of 26.06.2006 No.135-FZ On Protection of Competition
  • Federal Law of 05.03.1999 No. 46-FZ On Protection of Rights and Legitimate Interests of Investors on the Securities Market
  • Provision on Additional Requirements to the Procedure of Preparation, Summoning and Holding of General Meeting of Shareholders approved by the Resolution of the Federal Fund Market Commission (FFMC) of Russia of 31.05.2002 No.17/ps
  • FFMS Order of 10.10.2006 No.06-117/pz-n On Approval of the Regulation on Disclosure of Information by the Issuers of Emissive Securities
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