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Open Joint-Stock Company Hotel Mozhaysky (Hotel Mozhaysky, OJSC) was founded in 1994 by privatizing the state-owned enterprise Hotel-Camping Mozhaysky, previously owned by the USSR State Committee for Foreign Tourism.

During the Soviet Union times, the enterprise was one of the key players on the national tourism market and specialized in receiving foreign tourists visiting the USSR

Hotel-Camping Mozhaysky received thousands foreign guests every year who were offered comfortable guest rooms, restaurant and bar services, and various excursions and seminars. Especially, the camping was in great demand among those foreign tourists travelling to Moscow by their personal cars - this category of travelers was provided with special services.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the tourism market has considerably changed, and the camping was closed at first and refurbished later on.

Owned by the Open Joint-Stock Company Hotel Mozhaysky, today, the office and trade complex MOZHAYSKY is a building reconstructed in compliance with modern technologies and includes a B+ office center and adjoining trade and exhibition spaces.

The history of Hotel Mozhaysky, OJSC, continues.

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